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I admit it I can't resist a cupcake! I don't even have to be hungry to want or enjoy one....I mean it's a cupcake, what's not to like. Recently I discovered a new cupcake shop in Brooklyn, So naturally I had to stop in and give it a try. Before you knew it I had a dozen mini's and a couple of regular sized and was happily on my way home to indulge. They were so delish but if I had to choose a favorite it would be a tie between the vanilla-coconut & the pistachio.

The shop is called Sweethaus and I'm happy to report the cupcakes were absolutely DELICIOUS!!! They offer them in small batches of around 15 flavors daily so you will always get a fresh delicious cupcake. The store is simply adorable and has an old fashion feel. The shelves are filled with glass jars full of old time candy favorites and chocolates.

This mom & pop shop originally opened in Charlottesville, VA and I am trilled that they are now in Brooklyn, NY. I will be stopping in again very soon and if you're in town you should too!

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  1. I loveee cupcakes, I'm gonna have to take Samantha with me to try these out, we love anything sweet haha. Btw your outfit is too cute

    1. Thank you and you girls will not be disappointed! So delish!!!

  2. Love finding new cool spots and have been really loving my treats (all kinds! Haha) now that I'm expecting!! :)


  3. I love your outfit and those cupcakes look so darn good.. I need to try em out !


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