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Pantone introduced Marsala as its 2015 Color of the year. It is a rich, warm, bold, earthy wine. This sophisticated shade looks great on many skin tones. I for one LOVE this color and here's how I will be incorporating Marsala: lipstick, floppy hat, nail polish, just to name a few. No need to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe, you can use this color by adding it as an accessory, think hat, scarf, or bag, or simply try it as a lip or nail color. If you're thinking home decor Marsala would make a great accent to any room, try throw pillows, rugs, and small decorative pieces. What do you guys think of this color? How would you incorporate it into your look or home? Would love to hear in the comments below. 

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  1. Love this color! I already have a large flappy hat and a few other pieces in that color!

    1. Awesome! I just ordered the floppy hat and I have a lipstick so far!

  2. Such a beautiful color, i actually painted my toes with the "Essie wicked"!

  3. I love all of your Oxblood selections!

  4. Love the hat & could totally see you rockin' it :)

  5. This color is so sexy I need that lipstick in my life!


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