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6:30 AM

Recently I was fortunate enough to get a makeup lesson at Birchbox Soho by makeup guru Manna Kadar. After 15 years in the beauty industry she developed her own line in January 2012. 

Manna not only gave us a makeup tutorial but also showed us how to pick the perfect concealer, the importance of cleaning our brushes, why primer is a must, and she showed us how to contour in 2 simple steps. 

She was warm, friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to. She welcomed our questions and by the end made her way around the room and took the time to chat with each of us. 
Manna's philosophy is 'Beauty Simplified' because she understands how busy life can be. Whether we are working 9 to 5, stay at home moms, students, or juggling home, family, and work, putting on makeup shouldn't feel like a chore. She developed her line so that it takes half the time to apply but last twice as long! Her 3 step process is simple 1. Prime 2. Polish 3. Perfect and according to Manna it should take you no more than 7 minutes.

You can find all of her products and a step by step guide on her site MannaKadarCosmetics and at Birchbox

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  1. Looks very nice! :)

  2. Such a great post!!


  3. How fun to learn from a pro! 5 minutes is where I'm around for my "routine"--glad an expert agrees. ;) And her dress. Love it!

    1. 5 minutes!!! I love it Sara, you got it down to a science!
      Xo, Aida

    2. Ha! I have to with my little crazies running around! ;)

  4. this is perfect my time is so limited ! you def have to teach me two steps to contour you learned.


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