Valentine's Day....Yay or Nay???

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Awww, February 14, Valentine's Day. A day for celebrating Love or is it? Everyone's got an opinion on this, either you love it, hate it, or you're just going with the flow because you feel the pressures of the holiday breathing down your neck and if you didn't do anything to celebrate it well that could spell TROUBLE! Now I'm not just talking about singles or someone who's gone through a terrible break up and has given up on love all together. I know some perfectly happy people who don't particularly care to celebrate it at all. Some believe it's a made up holiday by a popular card store (I won't mention any names) for the sole purpose of making a buck. It's hard to argue with that when the price of a dozen roses just went through the roof because you guest it, it's Valentine's Day! And try going out to eat......You will need a reservation to eat from the pre-fix menu at a price that's, well you get the picture. Someone's definitely making out on this holiday and i'm not talking about the lovers.

My opinion of Valentine's Day? I think it's a nice day to do a little something extra or perhaps something you normally wouldn't do for the ones you love. I feel we shouldn't wait for a holiday to show our gratitude & appreciation but can understand how busy our lives have become that perhaps on this one day we can set the routine, the norm, the chores aside and just focus on the love. I heard someone say "my kids are my valentine" I also read a sign that said "F V-Day, buy yourself a gift" and I say to each it's own. I mean who dictates the rules of any holiday and how it's celebrated or not. What's special to me may NOT be to anyone else, and that's OK!

This Feb 14 went like this: Me, the hubby, watching the NY Knicks as Jeremy Lin led the Knickerbockers to a win on a tie game with 0.5 seconds to go, it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!

A little FYI,'s definition:

Valentine Day,  noun  February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, or what you did this V-Day, please leave your comments below. Much appreciated, thank you!

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  1. i am so with you on V-Day I could care less about showing love on one single day because I try my best to do that year round. I personally feel it is just another day created for people to spend their money unnecessarily. As for the card stores, florists and restaurant owners who decide to hike prices up on this particular's business...there is always someone willing to pay even when they know they are being robbed.

    P.S. LINSANITY Continues!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! lol

  2. So true!!! I feel the same way I mean we love each other every day, but when valentines day arrives I feel we should take a Lil time to reflect on our love...everyday is valentine's day for me I mean don't get me wrong I like gifts (what girl doesn't like gifts) lol...this year my hubby got me some chocolates(I'm not huge on chocolate) but I loved it I love him for taking the time & valentines day was perfect hubby & I had pizza & went for a lovely drive spent the night with my lover/my best friend...Wouldn't change it for the world & all it's riches

  3. love your post!!! Mine is a yah!!!

    I am now also following you on bloglovin' #2:) and I also subscribed to your email:)

    Hope you can also follow me there too:) let's touch base:)

  4. I know, It's LINTASTIC!!!! Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated, please continue to share your thoughts & opinions with me :)

  5. Very sweet, glad you had a great valentine's day! Thank you for your comment, really appreciate it & please keep them coming!

  6. Absolutely! We girls need to stick together & I will def follow back. Thanks for the love and I truly appreciate the comments, keep them coming!

  7. Very cool article - thanks!


  8. Good outfit! I really love your blog


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