Cinderella's ears, a love story

3:41 PM

By now Valentine's day is just a memory (hopefully a good one) but LOVE is always in the air. Check out Raqquyah of Adorn New York and her series of love stories in a blog she calls Love Happens. The stories are short, sweet, & delightful or as I like to call them a little break from the everyday.

In her own words "Love Happens is a blog full of wonderfully fanciful stories discussing, celebrating and…well...poking fun at LOVE.  Forget where you are to find yourself lost in stories of passion, love, and romance." Read on.....

Raqquyah is a New York based jewelry designer. She's the creator of the savvy & chic line Adorn New York. She's been featured in multiple publications, fashion blogs, and shopping events throughout the city.

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