My heart breaks for Boston

7:16 AM


Having a child currently living in Boston I cannot begin to describe what I felt when I heard the terrible news. Calls wouldn't go through but thankfully text messages did and I quickly learned that my son was safe and sound. I cannot describe the relief that came over me and how grateful I felt at that moment. My heart aches for the innocent victims, the families, and the city of Boston. Senseless tragedies like these are an unfortunate reminder of how precious life is and how it can change in an instance. My thoughts and prayers are with Boston and all affected.

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  1. So sad just sad...thankful that josh is well <3 bless us all :(

    1. I'm so thankful. Really puts things in perspective.

  2. I am so glad Josh is safe & sound. My heart is simply broken for all these innocent individuals and their families. We must give thanks every day, that we still have our lives and families. So tragic :(

  3. A terrible tragedy.

  4. it's so nice and thoughtful that you wrote a post about yesterday's tragedy. it was so sad to hear about on the news. im glad your son is okay thought!

  5. This is such an incredibly sad event. I agree it does make you appreciate life and the precious moments we share with loved ones, because just like that it can all be taken away. I happy to hear all is well with your son. xoxo.

  6. Thoughts are with you from far far away too!!
    Love from Sweden! ♥

  7. it is such a terrible tragedy my heart breaks everytime I see the news innocent lives were taken :( when will it all end , god bless them all !


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