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2:27 PM

So I finally treated myself to a professional eyebrow shaping! I really wish I had done this a long time ago but the fact that I could walk into a nail/hair salon and get my brows done within walking distance or a very short ride from home just made it all too easy to do otherwise. I happen to be at Bloomingdale's this weekend and there it was "Benefit's Brow Bar" so NO excuses, I mean it was right there starring at me.

The very lovely Raquel helped me. She was friendly, easy to talk to, answered all my questions, and best of all she was not pushing products on me which I really appreciate. At the Brow Bar unlike other salons she did my brows while I was sitting upright and facing her, this was a first for me I'm usually lying down or sitting way back in a reclining chair. I don't know if that was the reason they came out so nice, all I can say is that I was very happy with the results and I actually got compliments at another store I went into.

At my request Raquel matched me up with the perfect eyebrow pencil and showed me how to fill in my brows without looking too dramatic but more natural. I loved the look and it was so easy to apply.

While having my brows done at The Brow Bar ($23) is more than what I pay at my local salon, it was worth every penny!

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  1. Where did Raquel go? She recently left the company and I am desperate to find her!!!


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