Shecky's Girls Night Out

4:57 PM

I first learned of Shecky's Girls Night Out from a girlfriend early last year and have been a loyal attendee ever since. Shecky's is the ultimate socializing and shopping event for women over 21. Shecky's comes to my city several times a year, there's a Spring, Summer, Fall, and a Holiday event held in December and I haven't missed one yet! You will need to purchase a ticket through their website which includes a hefty goody bag full of samples. Be assured that you will find the latest trends, lots of booths with everything from clothing, makeup, jewelry, and much more which you can purchase at a Shecky's discount. My favorite part is there's always great music in the background provided by a DJ, drinks are free, and it's just a great place to get away with your best gals even if just for a night!


This time around I met some awesome girls who design & sell their own jewelry, check out my new friends at: and

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