Coffee Table

4:53 PM

I recently did a little re-decorating (insert happy emoji face)! I mostly re-used items I already owned by re-purposing them in different areas of the house. The one item I did purchase was this gorgeous coffee table from World Market. I fell in love with the material and texture and It went perfectly with the items I already owned. This little guy made a big impact in the room and I couldn't be more pleased. Because I went from a large rectangular coffee table to this smaller round one I added some much needed floor space which makes the room look bigger! When you have a small space and share it with a large family you appreciate every single inch. We are enjoying our new redecorated space and I couldn't be happier! 

As always thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Love the coffee table!!! Everything looks great!!!

  2. Your living room always looks amazing! Great job and that coffee table is beautiful!!!

  3. Love it!! You have such a great eye for decor❤️

  4. Your living room decor should be featured on hgtv!! So beautiful!

  5. I love this table so much and I am a huge fan of world market so glad they finally came to NY!!! You should be an interior designer you have such a gift with it (and fashion/beauty of course!)


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