The Shops on Newbury Street

5:33 PM

Just got back from my trip to Boston where I spent some time and money on Newbury Street ! What a unique shopping experience. Located in the Back Bay area of Boston, Newbury Street is lined with the most charming row homes. These townhouses/brownstones, one more beautiful than the next, have been renovated with stores on one or more levels. You can find anything from affordable to high end, independent boutiques to popular chain stores, and everything in between. After all that shopping you will definitely want to put your feet up and have a bite, right? Well no worries cause they've got you covered. There's tons of cafe's and restaurants, including a very charming bookstore cafe called Trident where you can have a meal or just hang with a great book and a cup of coffee. Just thinking about the breakfast menu is making me hungry! There's usually a wait but worth every minute. Another great place to eat is Sonsie, the ambiance is relaxing, the staff is friendly, and the food DELICIOUS, probably, no ABSOLUTELY the best Cuban Sandwich I've ever had! There's a lounge area with a comfy leather couch & chairs, and they've recently added a Wine Room. You can spend hours walking up & down, going in & out of every store and you will want to come back for more. Aside from shopping & eating you can also find Specialty Shops, Salons & Day Spa's, Pet Shops & Pet Services, Electronics, Perfumes, Chocolates, Luggage, Art Galleries, I mean I can go on and on.......Oh almost forgot there's several Parking Garages, which is great because this is a tourist & local destination so it can get quite busy especially around the Holidays. Don't know about you but I'm a city girl at heart and for the most part I typically don't like shopping malls so this type of shopping is more my style. Even if you're not shopping Newbury Street is a sight to see, In my opinion one of the prettiest streets I've been to so far. If you're planning on visiting Boston please stop by you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to go back!!!


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  1. I love Newbury Street!!!

  2. This looks like such a cute and fun place to shop! I could definitely do some damage to my wallet there.

  3. I LOVE Newbury Street! I spend every paycheck there! Haha, great post! I have to try breakfast at Trident sometime.

  4. I'm gonna keep this post in my bookmarks formy future trips to Boston! I'm surpirised I didnt see these shops last time I visited. Thanks for the info :D


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