The good, the bad, and the messy.

2:29 PM

So my girlfriend turned me on to this new mascara called Blinc. This mascara coats your lashes in what appears to be little tubes, I know it sounds crazy right but you really have to try it for yourself and see. The best part about this mascara is the way it washes off, all you need is water, really just repeatedly run your finger over your lashes with water and you will see these little tube like stringy pieces coming off. No worries ladies it will not be your actual lashes coming off! This mascara however did feel somewhat oily and therefore it can be messy when applying. I suggest you use one of those mascara shields or just place your finger across your lid and hold up while you apply otherwise you will see what I'm talking about! 

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  1. Loved how you were honest unlike many other "GURUS". The formula is without a doubt extremely liquidy but I love the clean up factor. Hopefully they make a formula that has a creamier texture and one that volumizes! Can't wait for the next post!!!!! <3


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