safer beauty with green spa

8:30 AM

As some of you may or may not know, I have been on a personal journey to safer, cleaner, better beauty. I've done some reading and research and I just can't unlearn what I now know. After learning of all the harmful ingredients in most nail polish including chemicals that should be no where near us let alone on our skin, I just knew there had to be better options. During my search for a safer alternative I found Green Spa On The Go and decided to give them a try.  Not only was this the cutest nail salon I ever did see but the staff was so incredibly kind and friendly. The service was impeccable and best of all it was NOT rushed. They really take their time during your service and make you feel completely pampered. Green Spa uses products that are natural, non toxic, safe, and cruelty free including soy based nail polish remover, and non-toxic polishes. They also offer a line of their very own natural products which include scrubs, lotions, and candles. If you're in NYC or Long Island, Green Spa also offers at home services and corporate events. If you're not I recommend you look for a safer option in your neighborhood and treat yourself, you are worth it! As always thank you for stopping by!

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