#CosmopolitanChic Day to Night

7:00 AM

Day Look

Blouse / SkirtJewelry / Glasses / Mac Lipstick / Shoes / Kate Spade Tote Bag /

Night Look

Sequin Top / Skirt / Clutch / Jewelry / Mac Lipstick / Shoes /

I am day dreaming about a weekend away with my special guy! Perhaps you
have similar plans or maybe you're planning a weekend away with a few of
your favorite girls. The place I am absolutely wanting to visit is the
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. It is gorgeous, modern, and chic! With countless
Restaurants, 3 Pools, Shops, Night Clubs, and Lounges, there's no reason to
go anywhere else. 

Here I've chosen a couple of outfits that would work great day to night. I choose
this skirt becauseyou can wear it in multiple ways and the less you have to pack
the better, don't you think? This daytime attire would be perfect to wear during
brunch at Va Bene Caffe or midday cocktail at The Chandelier.  In the evening
I choose the perfect amount of sparkle with a side of leopard because I'll be
heading to Marquee where I will be dancing the night away! A girl can dream right...
Well with my birthday just over 3 months away I may be visiting The Cosmo before
you know it! 

What's your favorite piece to transition from day to night, office to play?
Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Please take me with you!!!1

  2. I love BOTH these looks so much. I need more date nights/girls nights out so I can wear adorable clothing more often. :)

  3. We really like both of your looks! The idea of wearing the same skirt is fantastic, so practical!

    Lots of kisses

    Alicia & Sofía


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